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Winning HVAC Business In The Google Search Map Pack

June 6, 2023

For local HVAC businesses, your Google Business Profile is the single most important resource available to you to get your business found online. And the Google Business Map Pack on the first page of Google search is the most valuable marketing space available anywhere.

In the case of local HVAC companies it doesn't matter if there are half a dozen or a hundred competing businesses, only 3 will show up in the Map Pack on the first page of Google.

Google Map Pack on an iPhone

What is the Google Business Map Pack?

It's the 3 businesses that show up next to a Google city map at or next to the top of Google. The type of business that shows up in the map pack depends on the search query users enter into the Google browser search box. User's searching for HVAC services in their city will see 3 HVAC businesses in the Google Map Pack.

Each Map Pack listing provides top level information about the business, including service area, contact information, business hours, website link, phone link, customer reviews, and more.

It might seem like a lottery, but the 3 particular businesses that show up in the Map Pack are chosen because Google thinks they are the choices that are most likely to satisfy users' search intent and provide a good experience.

Google won't share the exact criteria for deciding which businesses show up in the top 3 in the Map Pack, but the top 4 basics are pretty clear:

  1. Businesses must provide accurate, complete and consistent information in their Google Business Profiles
  2. The quantity of reviews by clients of the business is an important ranking factor
  3. Four & Five star rankings of the business by its clients are essential
  4. You will need to optimize your Google Business Profile for the search terms your prospects use to find the services your business offers
Why should your business care?

Why should your business care about the Google Business Map Pack?

Getting your business into one of the top 3 positions in the Google Map Pack has several benefits:

  • It means your business is no longer invisible to most of your potential customers
  • It means more people searching for HVAC services on Google will see your business first, instead of your competitors
  • If your business is not in the top 3 positions then other HVAC businesses will be talking to your potential customers first
  • Mobile searchers can call your business directly from the Map Pack with one click – no need to enter your number
  • Prospects using Google are in buying mode – they're already searching for what your business offers
  • Top 3 Google Map Pack businesses are viewed as more trustworthy – so close rates are even higher
  • The cost of customer acquisition is extremely low compared to lifetime customer value
Getting into the top 3 in the Map Pack

What does your business need to do to get into the Google Maps Top 3?

1. Do it yourself for free. Check it out here.

2. Let my team do the work for you.

We will:

  • Fully optimize your Google Business Profile
  • Work with you, using our software, to get 5 star reviews from your clients
  • Get your business listing on the top 90+ search platforms
  • Help you rank higher in Google Maps in a larger geographic area
  • Publish weekly Google Business Posts with custom graphics
  • Respond to your Google reviews
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My Exclusive Offer To You

I can't get every HVAC business in your city into the Google Map Pack Top 3. There are only 3 spots available after all.

Google's Vicinity algorithm update makes your business location even more important. For that reason, I only work with one HVAC business per zip code. So if you want me to work with you and not another HVAC business in your primary zip code please let me know right away.

It's your business. It's your time. Make it happen!

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