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risks of thin website content

How Risky Is Your Bare-Bones Website?

Typical Concerns: 

  • Google's Thin Content Penalty will make it harder for your customers to find your website.
  • If your website does not provide helpful information compared to your competition Google may not show it to new leads and customers.
  • Your credibility may suffer when visitors compare your website with your competitors.
  • You could be getting a lot more visitors to you website for more search questions, if your site has answers for those questions.
  • You're missing out on the opportunity to serve more customers.


What are the benefits of adding helpful content to your website?

It will bring you more business.

  • Every article you post on your website becomes searchable online. So when your prospects search for answers to their biggest problems, Google will show them your post on your website that provides a solution to one of those problems.
  • Your business is seen as more helpful to online visitors than your competition.
  • Showing off your expertise and providing helpful content helps visitors to your site gain trust in your business.
  • Addressing your prospects’ biggest concerns in one or more blog posts helps to overcome their objections and make them more likely to do business with you.


taking website content orders

What kind of content can you order?

We'll help you with content tailored to your business and geographical location.

Each post we write for you is around 500 words in length. That’s generally long enough to provide helpful information to your website visitors and to rank higher than your competition for specific topics.

You are welcome to order post types from the following list. Or use this to get ideas to write posts yourself, just don’t forget to use schema markup to get the highest visibility with Google.

Here are some of the most helpful post types:

  1. FAQs.  This type of post is good for answering objections for prospects who are close to making a decision about doing business with you.
  2. Solutions to your customers’ biggest problems. Many of your prospects will be searching on Google for answers to these problems.
  3. “How-to” articles for any topic related to your business.
  4. “Best of” guides for any product or service related to your business.
  5. “Listicle” articles about anything of local interest or related to your services or products. For example, “10 things you need to know about keeping your home safe when you’re away.”
  6. Local area content. This doesn’t have to be specific to your business, but it does need to be specific to each geographical area that your business serves.
  7. Posts about specials or discounts you offer.
  8. Posts about local events.
  9. Posts about new products or new technology or product developments.
  10. Posts about your business, such as new services offered, new store openings, expansions, awards received, publications featuring your business, etc.
  11. Posts about the business owners, staff or employees.
  12. Posts about legal or legislative topics as they might affect your customers’ use of your products or services.

Do you have a request for a post type that's not on this list? No problem, just tell us what you want.


Information we need.

Any local information, business specific information, photos or videos you can provide us when you place an order will help us make the finished articles as unique and valuable as possible.

You'll get a chance to review and make changes to your articles before they are handed over.


people lining up for your website and your business

Current rates:

One article: $  25

Five article bundle: $100

Multimedia multiplatform promotion $150